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We, at, are looking for representatives, partners and affiliates who can introduce our sites to Iranian professionals and businesses across the US.

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  • 1) You can tell people in your city or state about us. Many US cities have a close-knit Iranian population. Tell your fellow Iranians in your city about us , and that we offer listing for just about any profession and business, and if two persons end up signing up with us, you get your own ad for free!
  • 2) You can tell people in your field about us. If you know other Iranians who are in the same business as you are (whether or not they live in your city or state), tell them about us. If two persons end up signing up with us, you get your own ad for free! (If you refer two persons who’d sign up with us- and you have already paid for your ad- we’ll refund you your money)

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Earn 50% of all new listing revenues, every time you refer someone to us. We always ask the prospective clients, who has referred them to us. If they name you, you’ll get the credit. A check for 50% of what the client for the first annual membership has paid, will be sent to you.

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Run one of our banners on your site or blog, or tell your friends about us on Facebook. Your visitors will thank you for referring them to a web site that could promote their business, and increase their income. Iranian-Everything is quickly becoming the most popular way for Iranians to find other Iranian businesses.

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